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BNJA 401(K) - Your Inheritance

This is a way to create your own inheritance.

Traditional 401(K) plans are great, right? They lower your taxable income and offer tax-deferred growth on your investments. And while that’s all true, Uncle Sam is no fool. The tax code may incentivize retirement savings, but all of that money eventually comes out as taxable income.

BNJA has a way to utilize life insurance to provide a retirement savings vehicle with greater tax efficiency than a traditional 401(K).

The BNJA 401(K)
The BNJA 401(K) plan is a concept that allows you to use life insurance for your own retirement. You take the same dollars you were dedicating to your 401(K) or IRA and buy a life insurance policy on one or both of your parents instead.

Unlike traditional retirement vehicles, the BNJA 401(K) plan:

  • Guarantees your inheritance: Know exactly how much you’ll inherit.
  • Eliminates market volatility: No unpredictable market ups and downs on stocks and bonds.
  • Avoids RMD issues: No forced withdraws so no tax penalties.
  • Tax advantages: Pass through tax-free advantages to the beneficiary.
  • Makes you the beneficiary with control: You own the policy, you make the decisions.