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Lifetime Income

It’s important that you have enough income to preserve your lifestyle during retirement. Preserving those dollars as a tax-free income is a great start. That start is Life Insurance.

Why Life Insurance?
Similar to other types of retirement savings vehicles, the early stages of funding life insurance act as your accumulation phase. After your policy has had many years to grow and accumulate value, then you can start to collect on that money.

The size of the income you can draw from life insurance will vary depending on the type of policy you choose and how it performs. There are policies that can be constructed based on your age, current retirement savings, risk tolerance and desired future income.

Regardless of how the policy is structured, the ability to take tax-free distributions on that life insurance vehicle will ease retirement concerns.

It offers the ability to leverage your money.
A life insurance policy that is designed to be a properly structured trust can accomplish even more than just passing along benefits to your heirs. It can benefit you as well. It can act as a personal bank loan.

The death benefit is often fixed and guaranteed. There is a lot of value to the word “guarantee.” Life insurance eliminates this undesirable aspect of investing because it tells you exactly how much future money you are buying with today’s dollars.

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